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Autumn Show 2016

posted 24 Aug 2015, 06:53 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 28 Aug 2016, 10:40 ]

The Annual Swaffham Prior Autumn Produce and Photography Show will take place on Saturday 10th September at the Village Hall
Enter your fruit, vegetables, preserves, cakes and photographs between 10.00 and 11.50
Results from 2pm, followed by auction of donated produce at 3pm
Cream teas will be available throughout the afternoon
In association with the Village Dog Show
A4 versions of the entry form and quiz can be downloaded below

Village Carols 2016

posted 19 Oct 2013, 08:44 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 28 Aug 2016, 10:48 ]

Information coming

Village Feast 2017

posted 24 Aug 2013, 08:36 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 28 Aug 2016, 10:48 ]

Details to come.

Proposed Changes to the Hall Layout

posted 28 Mar 2013, 16:27 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 28 Mar 2013, 16:33 ]

The Committee is looking at the possibility of updating the Hall floorplan to make the Small Hall more accessible to users

The plan below shows the alterations in grey. 
A new corridor has been knocked through from the Small Hall to the Foyer, giving all users access to the toilets and kitchen without going outside or disturbing occupants of the Main Hall.
Storage space has been added at the left of the Hall for tables and chairs, and ensuring that all users can get the facilities that they need.

posted 16 Feb 2013, 14:09 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 24 Aug 2013, 08:42 ]

Village Feast 2013

posted 16 Feb 2013, 13:57 by Mike Carrington

After an unusual 2012, we are back to our normal routine, and the Village Feast will be held on Saturday 18th May.
Details to follow.


posted 20 Jul 2012, 06:25 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 7 Oct 2012, 13:41 ]

Nowadays it is really easy to contact people you know anywhere around the world - but it isn't so easy to contact local people with common interests.
Simply advertising things like the Village Feast, the Swaffham Prior Carpet Bowls club, and the Cage Hill kart race is difficult.
So I have a request:
  • try, a website that lets you find out what's happening in Swaffham Prior and the surrounding villages
  • join in more local events and make new friends
PS: I have no connection to the website - I just think it is a great idea.

Autumn Show and Feast 2012

posted 14 Jul 2012, 09:14 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 20 Jul 2012, 06:11 ]

This year's Autumn Show will incorporate the annual Feast, which had been postponed due to the plethora of events taking place earlier ihn the year.
It will take place on Saturday 8th September
  • We have already held a poster competition at the school - winners will be announced soon - and examples of the children's work will be in evidence around the village.
  • An updated (by popular demand) list of categories is being prepared and will be available in the very near future.
  • All the usual Feast favourites will be in evidence:
    • Bouncy Castle
    • Bottle Stall
    • Bowls
    • Tin Can Alley
    • Splat the Rat
    • ... and more
  • There will be an all new photography competition with the following themes:
    • Ages up to 10 - Family and Pets
    • Ages 10 to 16 - Action and Abstract
    • Ages over 16 - Landscapes
  • Annual Dog Show - this will also be taking place at the VH, so dress up your dog and bring him/her along.

Kitchen Renovation

posted 14 Jul 2012, 08:57 by Mike Carrington

The Village Hall will be closed throughout August for renovation.
We are having a complete refit of the kitchen, including appliances and non-slip flooring.
The wooden floor in the main Hall is also being sanded and varnished.
We hope that the improvements will be worth the inconvenience caused to our customers.

The Autumn Show 2011

posted 24 Jul 2011, 14:30 by Mike Carrington   [ updated 24 Aug 2011, 00:46 ]

This year's Autumn Show will be held in the Hall on Saturday 3rd September.
It is FREE TO ENTER - bring your produce to the Hall between 10 and 12.00
Results and viewing from 14.30 - with cream teas
Grand Auction of Produce at 15.30
How much time have you got? Click here.
Click on the link below for the full List of Categories and Entry Form

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