What is the address of the Hall?

Swaffham Prior Village Hall, 36 High Street, Swaffham Prior, CB25 0LD

Our Just3Words information in case the emergency services have to be called is: lecturing.applied.pocket

Who runs the Hall?

Swaffham Prior Village Hall is run as a Charity, and the Management Committee is composed entirely of unpaid volunteers.

Please bear this in mind when contacting us about any issues.

How late can I use the Hall?

Music and entertainment must not continue after the following times:

These are not our regulations, and so cannot be extended.

How do I get into the Hall?

There is a key box on the wall near the doors closest to the car park. You will be emailed the code for this a day or two before your event. Key codes are changed regularly.

What should I do at the end of my booking?

Leave the Hall in a fit state for the next hirer:

If the Hall is not in a fit state for a subsequent user, or damage has been caused to the Hall, you will be charged for additional cleaning time or repairs. These costs are not limited to the deposit paid.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

If a booking is cancelled - for any reason - less than 14 days before the event, 50% of the hire cost will be charged.

How many people can attend events?

A maximum of 120 people are allowed for shows with a stage, with the audience seated.

For a dance or similar event, where the only seating is around the edge of the Hall, a maximum of 140 is permitted.

20 people are allowed in the Meeting Room.

Who can book the Hall?

You must be at least 21 years old to book the Hall.

Events involving under-21s must be supervised by the hirer throughout the event.

The hirer is responsible for the condition of the Hall, and should ensure that there is no inconvenience to neighbours or other users of the Hall.

What information is given to hirers prior to their booking?

This is the email you will get one or two days before your booking:

Please read this document fully and ensure that you are familiar with its contents before your event.

Here is the information you need to access and use the village hall:

Please Tell us…

Breakages happen. However, please email me (bookings.spvh@gmail.com) to let me know if you have had a breakage, even if you think you have completely cleared up.  We have groups that use the Hall with bare feet, or lie on the floor, and tiny fragments of glass can cause nasty cuts.


The code for the keybox for the main door (facing the car park) at the Village Hall will be: Number supplied

You need two keys to open the main door:

the green & yellow key goes in the top keyhole

the red key goes in the bottom keyhole

Please make sure that you relock both locks and replace the keys in the safe when you leave.

In addition:

The Meeting Room keybox code is Number supplied

There are two WiFi signals, SWP042_2 and SWP042_5 (2.4 and 5.0GHz respectively), which have the same code: Number supplied

The key to the cleaner’s cupboard in the foyer is hanging up at the top left of the door frame. 

Key codes are changed regularly.

Car Parking

The car park belongs to the Parish Council, and is not exclusively for the use of Village Hall hirers. Please ask guests to park thoughtfully and ensure that the Disabled Parking spaces are used appropriately.

Fire Exits

There are 3 Fire Exits in the Hall. One through the doors to the car park, one through the double doors out onto the lawn, and one from the back of the Main and Small Halls, by the chair store.

There is an additional Fire Exit from the Meeting Room (if hired).

Do not block any of the Fire Exits during or after your use of the facilities.


There are instructions for its use on the partition. If the partition does not move freely, do not force it; it is likely to be locked in place. The locking handle is on the wall at the end of the partition nearest the kitchen. The partition must be locked in place in either the open or closed position.


Please help us keep the Village Hall in a fit state by not fixing ANYTHING to the walls or doors - not even with Blu Tac or other adhesive fixings which claim to be non-marking.


If the Hall is too cool when you arrive, simply turn up the thermostats on the individual radiators.

Please check that all radiators are turned down to 2 when you leave - even ones that you did not adjust yourself.

Do not turn the radiators off, or set them to the frost symbol:  leave them at 2 to keep the chill off for the next user.

Hot Water

Tea and Coffee:

If you need large quantities of hot water for teas and coffees, there is a hot water urn to the right of the sink.

Turn this on using the power button on the touchpad on the front of the urn. Please do not turn the power off at the socket or adjust the water flow to the urn.

It takes a while to heat up, so it's best to turn the urn on when you arrive.

Please don't forget to switch it off using the touchpad before you leave.

Please note: if the urn has been turned off at the wall, simply turning it back on will make it heat up.

There is also a kettle for smaller quantities of hot water.

Washing up:

To heat the tap water for the kitchen sink you need to flick the switch on the wall to the left of the sink.

It takes a little while to heat up, but can get very hot if left on for long periods, so please take care.

Remember to switch it off when you leave.

You will need to bring your own tea towels.

Outside Doors

All external doors can be fastened in the open position. If anyone opens the doors onto the front lawn from the Main Hall or the Fire Exit from the Small Hall, please check that they are firmly closed when you leave.

Please do not leave outside doors open for long periods when it is cold outside and the heating is on (COVID-19 restrictions allowing).

Tables and Chairs

Some tables and chairs will probably be out in the Hall when you arrive.

Additional tables and chairs are stored in the chair cupboard which is situated at the far end of the Main and Small Halls.

Please return any extra tables and chairs to the storage cupboard when you have finished.

Clearing Up

Please leave the Hall as you would wish to find it and ready for the next user:

Ensure that the kitchen is clean and tidy

Mop up any spills

Wipe any tables that you have used

Sweep the floor when you have cleared up

Check that the toilets are decent

Brushes and mops can be found in the cleaner’s cupboard in the foyer.

If the cupboard is locked you will find the key hanging up at the top left of the door frame.

Rubbish Disposal

Please leave no more than one black bag of rubbish and place it in the black store next to the oil tank on the drive.

There are blue and green recycling bins on the drive which we encourage you to use for recyclable materials. Please only put the relevant waste in the bins, and do not overfill them.

Take any additional rubbish and recycling away with you when you leave: we do not have the space to store rubbish.


Please note that the Hall is run by a small group of volunteers.

If you encounter any urgent problems, please call one of the following numbers for assistance:

Philip Blackburn: 07501 230256

For any less urgent messages and feedback on the premises, please leave a message on the website or email bookings.spvh@gmail.com.

Other information

The terms for your use of the Village Hall can be found with your copy of the hire agreement, which was emailed to you when you made your booking.

Please read this document and ensure that you are familiar with its contents before your event.

We are keen to provide an excellent service so that your event runs smoothly and everyone enjoys the Hall’s facilities.

If you have any comments, please email me, or use the form on the website.

We would be extremely grateful if you could share any photographs showing the Hall in use, and which we could use for publicity.

How do I use the hearing loops?

If you are in the Main Hall, or Main and Small Halls:

If you are in the Meeting Room:

What are the conditions for having a bouncy castle?

Small indoor bouncy castles can be used free of charge (but please let us know that you are planning to have one).

Large outdoor bouncy castles can be used on the grass in front of the Hall. A £5.00 charge will be incurred for this.

In either case, it is important that the hirer of the Village Hall has the correct insurance to cover this. Many (but not all) inflatable hire companies have insurance policies.

Using the link in the Service Providers section of this website will allow you to find a suitable local hirer, as well as access to very reasonable day insurance cover.

Can I use the wireless broadband at the Hall?

In order to use the broadband, you must inform us by ticking the relevant box on the Booking Request Form and signing the Acceptable Use Policy.

Light internet use is available for all users, free of charge. Heavy use or use in a commercial setting (eg a computer course) will incur a fee.  Air Broadband, who provide the service, monitor levels of use.

A password will be provided at the time of your booking.

The Acceptable Use Policy will be sent as an attachment with the booking form. It must be signed before using WiFi.

Do I need a Temporary Entertainment Notice?

There is no need for a Temporary Entertainment Notice (TEN) if guests or attendees are not paying for alcoholic beverages.

If you plan to have a paying bar at your event, you will need to inform the Booking Clerk, and then purchase a TEN from East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) prior to the event. You will also need to provide the Management Committee with a pdf copy of the TEN.

The ECDC website has full details, and an online application form.

Can I have  Marquee?

Yes, marquees can be hired from several local companies. There will be a charge of £10.

Please inform us if you plan to erect a marquee, and ensure that the marquee company has suitable insurance.

The marquee must be at least 5 metres from the Hall for fire safety. A covered walkway with open sides can link the marquee to the Hall.

Small domestic gazebos can be used free of charge.