Hire prices

Although running costs have increased substantially, the hire charges for the Village hall had remained unchanged since September 2013.

In March 2020, the Village Hall Management Committee decided that it was necessary to increase the hire charges from 1st September 2020 onwards. It was subsequently agreed that, due to the coronavirus pandemic and consequent disruption, the increase should be deferred until 1st March 2021.

The fees were increased by approximately 6% (i.e. an extra 50p to £1 per hour, depending on the facilities booked).

The prices given below will be maintained throughout 2022.

Whole Hall

Main and Small Halls and Meeting Room

Exclusive use of all facilities

£20.00 per hour

£220 per day

Main and Small Halls

Main and Small Halls

Shared use of facilities

£15.00 per hour

£170 per day

Main Hall

Main Hall only

Shared use of facilities

£10.00 per hour

Small Hall

Small Hall only

Shared use of facilities

£8.00 per hour

Meeting Room

Meeting Room only

Shared use of facilities

£8.00 per hour


The green areas in the plans above are accessible to the hirers of those rooms. Pale green areas are communal and may be used by other hirers.

The Hall can be booked for a minimum of one hour in half-hour increments.

When possible we allow 30 minutes between bookings, however this cannot be guaranteed. If you need time to set up or clear away and tidy the Hall, this should be included in your booking times.

Additional Charges

There are a number of additional costs which may apply: See more

Special Rates:

Half day rates, starting at 2pm, are available to allow decoration and preparation time prior to a wedding reception or similar event. A half day for the Whole Hall is £110, and for Main and Small Halls is £85

Swaffham Prior residents get a 20% discount.

There is a 10% discount for anyone booking five or more similar sessions at one time.

Hire Price Calculator below