Hall Plan

Update: 19/02/ 2021

This is the new layout of the Hall.

Users will now have direct access to the Small Hall, as well as the Main Hall and Meeting Room.

There is now a larger chair and table store (top left), with direct access for users of both Main and Small Halls.

The Hall is also being fitted with with a fire alarm system.

Finally, we have a new external storage area.

The dimensions of the spaces available at Swaffham Prior Village Hall are:

Main Hall:

  • 12.5m x 6.0m (74.8m2)

Small Hall:

  • 7.6m x 4.3m (32.5m2)

Meeting Room:

  • 6.0m x 3.5m (21.3m2)


The image below shows the floorplan, including positions of double electric sockets, radiators, external and internal keyboxes, first aid kit, and fire extinguishers.

The fire exits (and destinations) are also shown.

There will be a downloadable version of the Hall plan in the Documents folder.

The images above, and the rotatable 3D model of the Hall have been produced in Floorplanner. The lovely people at Floorplanner.com have been kind enough to provide us with a free subscription (because of the charitable status of the Hall) as well as excellent customer support. Have a play!